Directors: Anahí Berneri, Marina Meliande
Stars: Camila MorgadoMarcos Alberto FilhoBárbara Colen 


Heloísa is a renowned criminal lawyer who believes that everyone has the right to a defense, no matter how heinous the crime they’re accused of is. She has a deep understanding of the complexity of the prison system and the Brazilian system, where so many are abandoned without proper assistance. But when a crime shocks the country and the killer asks Heloísa to be her lawyer, she finds herself in the middle of a trap that involves the leader of the largest criminal faction of Brazil and mysterious people who want him dead. While on this dangerous journey, Heloísa must deal with a childhood trauma buried in her memory, which could reveal a painful family secret. In the search not only for the truth of what happened in her new client’s case, but also for the mysteries of her own family’s crimes, the lawyer must decide whether to cross the line that separates the right to a defense and an unforgivable crime.


April 15, 2022


Amazon Prime


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