For our new selection, we have chosen first feature films in two very different genres : a mysterious anticipation thriller (Reminiscence) and a really cool action B-movie (Sweet Girl).

Check out our mini-reviews and have a great weekend!

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After three excellent seasons of Westworld (and while waiting for the 4th), its creator Lisa Joy goes on the director chair for her first feature film with Reminiscence. For this solo project (her husband Jonathan Nolan is only producer this time), she surrounds herself with a high level team behind the camera and in front of it with the excellent Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson. The story is really interesting following a private detective who can access all your memories through a machine. This offers almost infinite opportunities. He will quickly become obsessed with the specific case of a client who disappears. He will then do everything to find her. The fact that Lisa Joy is the only one to write the scenario allows it to be straightforward and easy to follow. The film is a real homage to film noir thanks to the sublime cinematography and its classic staging. One of the great elements of curiosity of the film also comes from the fact that the city of Miami is submerged by water. This is an opportunity to discover the city in a different way and to offer us some really impressive panoramas. These moments will be real breaths in the progression of the investigation that will take us from revelation to revelation. The duo of stars works perfectly well and we are really behind Hugh Jackman to know what happened to Rebecca Ferguson. For this first film, Lisa Joy is in full control of her subject whether it is during the dialogue scenes or the action sequences, she offers us a superb and bewitching investigation. You will keep in mind the stunning pictures of the submerged city for a long time!


A scientist discovers a way to relive your past and uses the technology to search for his long lost love.



Sweet Girl


Leaving for a while the post-apocalyptic world of See and before returning to Atlantis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa takes us in this effective B-movie. And to do this, the actor finds one of his frequent collaborators Brian Andrew Mendoza (Frontier, Braven) who signs here his first feature film as a director. The story proposes to follow a father devastated by the death of his wife by cancer. He decides to take revenge on the managers of a pharmaceutical company that has made a promising generic medicine unavailable. A real revenge will then be set up with a mixture of conspiracy, political hypocrisy, secrets and surprises. The film takes the opportunity to denounce the business of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, it immediately reminds the Martin Shkreli case. The father and daughter duo, excellent Isabela Merced (Transformers: The Last Knight), has a very nice chemistry especially during the consequences of the choices and violence of the father. The fights are very interesting, they are brutal and messy. For once, the hero is not an expert in fighting but he develops such a strength that he manages to get out of it at the end, often in a bad shape. The movie is full of surprises and very good moments like this excellent dialogue scene between Jason Momoa and a ruthless killer. Don’t miss this revenge!


Devoted family man Ray Cooper, vows justice against the pharmaceutical company responsible for pulling a potentially life-saving drug from the market just before his wife (Adria Arjona) dies from cancer. But when his search for the truth leads to a deadly encounter that puts Ray and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) in harm’s way, Ray’s mission turns into a quest for vengeance in order to protect the only family he has left.




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