For our last selection of the year, we offer you the new dangerous and deadly games of the new season of Alice in Borderland!

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Alice in Borderland – Season 2


Two years after its first season, it’s a real pleasure to see the characters of Alice in Borderland again! After winning the games of all the figures, they now have to tackle the figures like the king, queen and jack. These new games will be as dangerous as ever and much harder to win. It’s a kind of boss fight that you see in video games. The series perfectly avoids the Manichean side of the confrontations and introduce these new opponents very well, so much so that for some of them, we would like them to stay alive instead of our heroes! Visually this new season is even more beautiful than the previous one by showing us for example how the vegetation can blossom when the human presence is no longer there and the explosions of the airships is very enjoyable for all gamers. This new season is rich in emotional and intense moments and will have some interesting surprises. The search for the truth of our heroes will start to give answers and it will really keep us in suspense. Don’t miss these new games!


To solve the mystery of the “Borderland” and return to his original world, Arisu and his comrades must take on even more difficult and dangerous games.




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