For our new selection, we focus on The Tomorrow War, the new action and sci-fi movie starring Chris Pratt full of terrifying creatures!

Check out our mini-review and have a great weekend!

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The Tomorrow War


If you are a fan of science fiction and aliens, then The Tomorrow War is your movie of the weekend! The film proposes us to follow a war for the survival of humanity. This fight takes place in the future and it brings a lot of interesting things such as the society that breaks down or the forced conscription of the population. It is directed by Chris McKay, who after several animated films such as The Lego Batman Movie, signs here his first live action film. Speaking of action, you will be served with many intense and epic battle sequences! Starting with a really tense first confrontation with the aliens in a close environment . The creatures are really cool and terrifying, their design is interesting and quite innovative and they are really efficient in combat. Except for a comic character who is a bit annoying, the rest of the cast works very well, especially the duo formed by Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovskii. Their charisma is at the top and we enjoy to follow this adventure in their company. Chris Pratt is more serious than usual but it also works very well and he is always as effective in the action sequences! We really enjoyed this fast-paced action film. Are you ready for the fight?


In The TOMORROW WAR, the world is stunned when a group of time travelers arrive from the year 2051 to deliver an urgent message: Thirty years in the future mankind is losing a global war against a deadly alien species. The only hope for survival is for soldiers and civilians from the present to be transported to the future and join the fight. Among those recruited is high school teacher and family man Dan Forester (Chris Pratt). Determined to save the world for his young daughter, Dan teams up with a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father (J.K. Simmons) in a desperate quest to rewrite the fate of the planet.


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