For this weekend, let’s go back to 1971 with iconic bands and singers and let’s go for a trip to Las Vegas to face hordes of zombies with Zack Snyder!

Check out our mini-reviews and have a great weekend!

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything


Directed by Asif Kapadia (the man behind Senna and Amy), this new Apple TV+ documentary series plunges us into the turmoil of 1971! The American society is then in the middle of the Vietnam war contestations and the western society is looking for changes, the children do not want to become like their parents. The series is based on the book 1971 – Never a Dull Moment: Rock’s Golden Year by David Hepworth. During the 8 episodes, we will discover this change in society through various iconic groups (The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, …) and singers (John Lennon, David Bowie, …) of that time, the series is extremely rich in archival images and audio documents. The list of speakers is really long and also impressive by the quality of them! These materials allow us to discover the backstage of the artists’ lives but also the genesis of cult songs like Imagine. The documentary is not only interested in what is happening in the USA but worldwide with a special interest in London. It’s a real trip back in time that is proposed to us and not to be missed by all music lovers but also on the history of the 70s!


In a tumultuous era, 1971 was a year of musical innovation and rebirth fueled by the political and cultural upheaval of the time. Stars reached new heights, fresh talent exploded onto the scene and boundaries expanded like never before.


Apple TV+

Army of the Dead


Fans of director Zack Snyder are delighted with the beginning of this year 2021, in the space of a few months, they can enjoy two films of their favorite director and in two very different styles. After Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director comes back to his first love, the zombies, with his long awaited Army of the Dead for which he signs, in addition to directed it, also the story and the beautiful cinematography! The film opens in a very spectacular way with its credits sequence and its presentation of a part of the team. This one will be led by Dave Bautista (seen in Guardians of the Galaxy) and composed in great part of hotheads, at the same time it is necessary to accept such a crazy suicidal mission. The casting is very well done and the characters all have a good reason to return to Las Vegas. After this introduction sequence rich in explosions, zombies and violent death, the rhythm of the film calms down and takes its time to introduce us to each member of the team but also to the American society that has become accustomed to living with zombies and the authoritarian drifts that this can bring. The film takes the opportunity to make a parallel with the current world situation of Covid, of course without the nuclear bomb final solution. After an excellent sequence of explanation of the plan, the team is back in Las Vegas and will discover that the zombies are not all slow and stupid. We discover the alphas and how they are organized and instead of going for the kill, our team will play it smart even if it’s a bit questionable on how to do it. From that moment on, the film offers us inventive and intense sequences such as the zombies hibernating or the use of zombies to trigger traps! It is also the time to discover the iconic zombie tiger, Valentine. She will have an anthology sequence by “playing” with one of the characters. The human or zombie women are not just a sidekick and will really play an important role in the story. The action is almost non-stop in the last act and Zack Snyder offers us, as usual, many iconic and striking shots, many of them will be obviously in… slow-motion! His new film is the perfect entertainment to watch for a great evening!


Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.




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