Creators: Ramón CamposTeresa Fernández-ValdésGema R. Neira
Stars: Jean RenoAura GarridoÁngela Molina 


In the late 1940s in Galicia, a daring young upper-class woman with the soul of a policeman, Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido), sets out to hunt down the serial killer who has been stalking the city for months, and she does so with the help of her faithful butler, Hector (Jean Reno). A discreet and helpful man whose sensitivity and audacity always place him at the key point of the investigation. Together they will fight against all obstacles to achieve it and neither the gender prejudices of the time, nor the resistance of the new commissioner or the attempts of Marina’s mother to marry her off, will prevent them from finally discovering the truth.


September 16, 2022


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