For this new weekend, we couldn’t miss the great duo formed by Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in Shrinking!

Check out our mini-review and have a great weekend!

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For its new series, Shrinking, Apple TV+ offers us to follow a therapist who has to deal with the mourning of his wife and the management of his daughter which he has completely neglected her. At the bottom of the hole, he decides one day to say without filter what he thinks to his patients and this will have rather surprising effects and that might help him to get his life on tracks! It’s a real pleasure to see Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) again, who has still a lot of charisma and a ton of comic energy. He is one of the creators of this series with Bill Lawrence and especially Brett Goldstein who we know well for playing Roy Kent in the excellent series Ted Lasso. Behind the camera, the team is very solid and it’s also the case in front of it with the legendary Harrison Ford who is very good as a considerate boss but also with a strong personnality. The relationship between Jason and Harrison is clearly one of the strong points of this series. We identify very easily with the characters and they are all very touching and interesting. The humor works very well and really helps the development of the story. We really advise you to lie down on the sofa and enjoy this excellent moment!


“Shrinking” follows a grieving therapist who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people’s lives … including his own.


Apple TV+


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